Monday, September 7, 2009

AJ Email Marketer : System Requirements

AJEM system is built around PHP technology using MySQL to store data. Therefore, AJEM software may be installed on any server where a PHP interpreter, MySQL database server and a web server are present.

AJEM system installs/runs on
  • Linux x86, x86-64.
  • Windows server family.
1. PHP
  • safe_mode must be disabled
  • file_uploads must be enabled
  • allow_url_fopen must be enabled
  • magic_quotes_sybase must be disabled.
  • sql.safe_mode must be disabled
  • PCRE extension must be enabled
  • ini_set function must not be disabled
  • memory_limit >= 32M or more
  • zlib library enabled.
  • GD image library must be installed and enabled
2. My SQL
  • The web server must have support for My SQL databases. AJEM is compatible with MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5.x.
  • You will need to have access to a MySQL database, so make sure you have the following information: your MySQL server name, your database name, your user name and password for MySQL access.
3. Hosting space

A fresh installation of AJEM uses 30 megabytes of disk space at least. In addition to that, some disk space will be needed for AJEM's cache data, image files (if you choose to store them on the file system) and files that might be added in connection with AJEM customizations. The database space used by AJEM depends on the number of products, customers and orders stored in it. Accordingly, database space requirements may vary from as little as 5 megabyte for small shops to over 500 megabytes for large stores.

4. Supported Web Servers
  • Apache 1.3.x.
  • Apache 2.0.x .
  • Apache 2.2.x.
5. Supported Browsers
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and above

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